Gardens – January 2018

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Dear Friends,

Our gardens have kept me busy this year and thanks to a great summer with very hot and sunny weather and clean mountain water, our Visconti Gardens produced an abundance of fresh and flavoursome produce this year. 
Over 700 bottles of passata from our fresh summer tomatoes are waiting to be enjoyed throughout the winter months! Along with our traditional preserves of pickled mixed vegetables, artichokes and mushrooms we’ve also added our beautiful green garden leeks, green tomatoes, zucchini with chillies and delicious green beens. Lots of different new recipes with our pumpkins – hope you enjoy the Pumpkin Gnocchi!
I have joined a hunting group for those spare moments I sometimes get, and some of the results are hanging in the cantina- wild boar sausages ready to be eaten in January.
Some of you have asked us for cheese making and olive oil tasting which we have gladly decided to add to the Visconti Cooking Experience itinerary – thanks, great idea.
On the menu this winter season from our gardens we have – pumpkin cooked in many different ways, Savoy and San Michele cabbages, spinach, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, grilled radicchio, roasted onions and, from our local organic producers – saffron, potatoes, winter truffles, lentils and chickpeas. Meat – wild/organically raised – rabbit, turkey, wild boar and venison.
Jaynie and I are very proud of what we are creating with our Visconti Cooking Experience and want to thank our guests, friends and producers for your continued support.
Happy Holidays,

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